1. Administration
    1. Introduction
      1. The North American Sim Racing Association (NASRA) was created to give sim racers a fair and competitive league with some of the best drivers in the world.
    2. Board of Directors
      1. NASRA has established a Board of Directors that will oversee the direction of the league, enforcing the rules, and penalizing drivers who do not follow them.
      2. Board Members
        1. Michael McKinnon – Owner; Truck Series Admin
        2. Brady Leboeuf – Cup Series Admin
        3. Clinton Snead – Xfinity Series Admin
        4. Keith Bradley – Midget Series Admin
        5. Taylor Peacock – Superspeedway Series Admin
    3. Appeals Panel
      1. The Appeals Panel is made up of top league racers to monitor and review penalties handed down by the Board.
      2. No Board Member can be on the Appeals Panel.
    4. Race Control
      1. Whenever possible, NASRA will have a dedicated person in each race to handle all Admin duties during the event including handling cautions, black flags, etc.
  2. Code of Conduct
    1. Drivers must use proper and courteous voice chat during the event. There will be ZERO TOLERANCE for flaming, arguing, cursing, etc.
      1. If you have an issue with a driver on track or a call made by an official, reach out to them following the event, not during the race.
    2. All drivers are expected to be professional both on the track and on the chat. Any abusive language that persists will be determined to be unprofessional.
      1. 1st Offense will be a 25-point penalty.
      2. 2nd Offense will be a one-race suspension.
      3. 3rd Offense will be reviewed by the Board of Directors which MAY LEAD TO EXPULSION FROM THE LEAGUE.
    3. No retaliation will be tolerated at any time.
      1. Retaliation will be described as the intentional wrecking of a rival driver.
      2. The incidents and wrecks will be reviewed by the Board of Directors, and penalties will be handed out accordingly.
      3. If you feel you were intentionally taken out, please complete the Protest Form on the website and your incident will be reviewed.
    4. Repeat offenders could be penalized post-race and terminated from racing in any NASRA events in the future.
    5. DISCORD is mandatory (both NASRA and RACECRAFT TV).  All Drivers finishing in the Top 3 will park on the Start/Finish Line after the winner celebrates for interviews after the race is over. Drivers that do not follow this, will be penalized.
    6. No profanity or offensive paint schemes or verbiage on the vehicle at any time.
    7. In the event you are caught up in a wreck and cannot get back to pit road at a reasonable pace, we are asking you to press the TOW Button. If you are the cause for other drivers getting black flagged for passing under the yellow, you will be penalized.
    8. Any driver penalized after a race, has 24 hours to appeal it. You can go on the website and submit an appeal application to the panel. Please have a video or any kind of evidence to support your argument, that may help you win your appeal.
    9. You can also protest another driver if you feel like you have been intentionally wrecked, or any other wrongdoing has been committed after the race. You can go on the website and fill out this form.
  3. Registration
    1. Series Registration
      1. Prior to competing in any NASRA event, a driver will need to fill out the Driver Registration Form available on the website.
    2. Championship Membership
      1. Championship Memberships ($25) must be purchased on the website for each series.
      2. You will not score any points for a series until you become a Championship Member.
      3. You do not have to be a Championship Member to compete in a race.
    3. Race Entry
      1. Race Entries must be purchased on the website for each event in which you’d like to compete.
      2. Entry Fees are due no later than 1 hour before the scheduled Practice start time.
      3. You will not be allowed to compete if you do not pay to race in the event.
      4. Entry Fees vary based on Series.
      5. After expenses are paid for broadcast and race control, 100% of the remaining funds will be paid back.
      6. Some Series have limited entries, so make sure you enter early to save your spot in each race.
  4. Field Strength
    1. In order to maintain close, competitive racing for our drivers and viewers, several NASRA series have iRating caps limiting the drivers who can compete in those Series.
    2. A driver must be at or below the iRating cap on the date of the first race for that Series.
      1. If a driver’s iRating climbs above a certain cap during the season, they will be allowed to finish the season in that series but will be asked to move up for the next season.
      2. Maximum iRating
        1. Cup Series – 7000
        2. Xfinity Series – 3500
        3. Truck Series – 2500
  5. Points
    1. Race Points
      1. Race finishes will be scored as 1 point per position.
        1. 1st Place = 43 points, 2nd Place = 42 points, 3rd Place = 41 points, etc.
        2. A driver will not earn points for an event where he or she does not complete a lap.
          1. Midget Series racers who make the A-Main will score points even if he or she does not complete a lap.
    2. Stage Points (in NASRA Series with Stages)
      1. Stages will be scored as 1 point per position for the Top 10.
        1. 1st Place = 10 points, 2nd Place = 9 points, 3rd Place = 8 points, etc.
    3. Playoffs (only applies to NASRA Series with Playoffs)
      1. The Top 16 drivers at the end of the Regular Season will make the playoffs in each series. (Cup, Xfinity, and Trucks)
      2. Playoff Points will be given as follows.  These points will be added to the drivers’ total following the Playoff reset.
        1. Stage Winners – 1 Playoff Point
        2. Race Winner – 5 Playoff Points
        3. Regular Season Champion – 10 Playoff Points
        4. Regular Season Points finish.
          1. 1st = 16 Playoff Points, 2nd = 15 Playoff Points, 3rd = 14 Playoff Points, etc.
      3. At the start of the Playoffs, each eligible driver’s point total is reset to 1000 points, plus the total number of Playoff Points they earned during the Regular Season.
      4. Drivers will compete in the next 3 races to fight for a spot in the Championship Final Four.
      5. If you win one of these 3 races, you automatically qualify for a spot in the Final Four for the Championship Race.
      6. The Championship Final Four field will be completed by drivers with the most points.
      7. All Tiebreakers will be based on who has the most stage points accumulated during the 3 playoff races.
  6. Race Procedure
    1. Start Times
      1. Refer to the individual series schedule for practice and race start times.
      2. All times are Eastern Time zone and adjusted for daylight savings.
    2. Car Setup
      1. Car setups will be fixed iRacing setups for the track.  If no setup is available, we will choose an appropriate setup that works for that event.
    3. Race Length
      1. NASRA races typically fall between 2 and 3 hours depending on laps, cautions, green-white-checkers, etc.
    4. Race Start/Restarts
      1. The initial race start will be on the green flag displayed by iRacing.
      2. Restarts will be in the control of the leader once the pace car pulls off the track below the white/yellow line on the apron. This includes green, white, and checker restarts.
      3. The leader has the option to pick the outside line if he chooses to do so for restarts.
      4. There will be two (2) available green, white, checker attempts.
      5. All restarts will be double file and the Lucky Dog will be on.
      6. NO laying back on restarts; any drivers doing this will be given a black flag by Race Control.
    5. Cautions
      1. Full course cautions will be ON for every race.
      2. Race control can throw a caution as they see fit.
      3. Race control will throw a caution to end each Stage at the completion of the lap.
        1. For example, if the Stage ends on Lap 30, the caution will be thrown when the leader crosses the line to end Lap 30 and begin lap 31.
      4. In the event a Stage ends under yellow, the field will be frozen for results and then everyone will be able to go down pit road for their normal service.
      5. When the caution comes out, please do your best (safely) to get caught up to the pace car and field so everyone has a fair opportunity to go down pit road together and pick up spots.
    6. Pit Road
      1. Pit road will be closed 2 laps prior to the Stage end.
        1. For example, if the Stage ends on Lap 30, the pit road will close when the leader crosses the line to end Lap 28 and begin lap 29.
      2. NO driving through pit stalls going down pit road, anyone seen doing this will be issued a black flag by Race Control.
    7. Fast Repairs
      1. There will be ONE fast repair for the Midget Dirt Series.
      2. There will be NO fast repairs for any other NASRA Series.
    8. Black Flags
      1. We will follow iRacing Rules. Black flags for speeding, pit road entrance and exit violations, etc. will be enforced. There is an event session for the league to check for black flags issued for the admins to know if you are telling the truth.
      2. Black flags may be cleared by an admin, but only for passing under caution* or hitting the pit entrance/exit cone to avoid wrecks.
        1. *This is for guys who are not able to continue and others are trying to catch the field for pit stops.
      3. Any black flags cleared will be reviewed by the Board of Directors.
      4. Drivers who lie to race control or an admin will receive a DQ for the race and will not receive any money or points for the race.
      5. End of Lines
        1. No EOL’s will be given at the start of any race.  If you run a qualifying time, you will start in the position you qualify in. If you choose to not run a lap in qualifying, you will already be close to the back of the field. If you still want to drop to the back, just drop to the apron and let the field go by AFTER you pass the start/finish line or you may also elect to start from the pits.
    9. Minimum Speed
      1. Your pace will be monitored throughout an event to ensure that the entire field of cars provides clean, competitive racing.
      2. The Series Admin and/or Race Control has the final say on a driver’s speed and competitiveness.  If they feel that you do not meet the Series standard, you will be asked to retire from the event.
      3. Specific time percentages do not apply to Superspeedway, Road Course, or Dirt events.
      4. Practice
        1. During Practice for each of the Cup, Xfinity, and Truck races, a Minimum Speed will be established after 30 minutes of practice has elapsed.
        2. In order to compete in that race, you must post a lap time within a certain percentage of the quickest lap time of the session at that point.
        3. Truck racers will be allowed 3%, Xfinity racers 2.5%, and Cup racers 2%.
          1. For example, if the leader of a Cup practice posted a lap time of 30.000 seconds, you must run a lap time of 30.600 seconds to meet Minimum Speed.
          2. In this example, the minimum Xfinity speed would be 30.750 seconds, and the minimum Truck speed would be 30.900 seconds.
        4. 1st offense:
          1. Each racer will get 1 mulligan to use for that series for the season.  If you miss practice or are just off-pace for one reason or another, you will still be able to race.
        5. 2nd offense:
          1. Racers who cannot make minimum speed for the second time will not be allowed to race at that event.
        6. 3rd offense:
          1. Racers who cannot make minimum speed for the third time will not be allowed to race at that event. 
          2. They will also be suspended from competing in the next 3 races for that series.
          3. Prior to returning to competition, the driver must participate in a series practice session, directed by the Series Admin, and maintain speeds within 2% of the practice leader.
        7. 4th offense:
          1. If a racer comes back after their suspension and still fails to meet the minimum speed, they will be banned from that series for the remainder of the season.
      5. Race
        1. During the race, you must maintain a minimum speed that is within 15% of the quickest time during Practice.
          1. For example, if the leader of the Practice session posted a lap time of 30.000 seconds, the minimum race speed will be 34.500 seconds.  This allows for tire falloff, damage, etc.
        2. If you do not meet this minimum speed or are in the way of the other drivers, we will ask you to pull off the track and get more damage fixed. 
        3. If you have all your damage fixed, and you are still not running at a reasonable speed, we will ask you to retire from the race. 
        4. If you refuse to pull off, you will be disqualified from the race and could face further penalties.

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